How can I help?

Ask me anything. No booking required.

  • Your questions will allow me to create a unique experience for your visit
  • I can inform you of all the local idiosyncrasies to maximize your trip
  • This is a service that allows my business model to be different from other tour operators
  • My goal is to take you where you want, not what’s convenient to me

Motorcycle requires Service?

  • Need to replace tires when you arrive? I can help with that. Either have new ones shipped to me, or I can arrange the purchase & install at this end.
  • Need to change oil, or install or repair an accessory? My shop is at your disposal, rain or shine, or I can arrange service with a local shop.
  • My involvement complete with shop is $30.00 per hour. 50% will be deducted if a tour is booked.

Motorcycle storage or delivery?

  • Want to fly home for a break, or you feel you have had enough?
  • Want to rent a car for a few days and need to leave the bike somewhere?

Let’s talk about it.