Touring Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is 460 km (260 mi) long by 100 km (62 mi) wide, with very few straight roads.

Mountains and farmland, rivers and ocean, cities and communities, industry and tourism, highways and gravel roads… it’s all here.

Individual interests usually dictate the sights we want to see. As a visitor to the Island, where do you begin?

I am based in Victoria. My service will establish your time frame and interests, along with the genre of your “ride,” and create a personal tour for you to fully enjoy your time here.

3 hour Victoria tours could be backroads and farmland or ocean and marinas. The more popular 6 to 8 hour tours of the lower Island would include a large part of Vancouver Island’s personality.

Tours north of the mid-point of the Island take on a whole new twist as the area begins to get remote, the roads are good, fuel is plentiful, and the philosophy changes. Tourism, industry and quiet bedroom communities dot the east side, while logging and outdoor recreation encompass the west side of the Island.

Every tour has a number of communities visited along the route, each having their own feel and purpose.

Tour Rates

3 hours = $120
​4-5 hours = $180​
6-8 hours = $240

North Island tours to be negotiated.

All prices in Canadian Dollars…cash, credit cards or e-transfer accepted

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